Wess & John had a private Discover Scuba tour booked for the morning, so Kelly and I did a little shopping and Al & Angele went exploring. We all met later at Paradise Beach. We had a great time there and stayed until late afternoon. Angele went parasailing! Then we headed back to the ship to recover. Wess & I went shopping later and stopped in Fat Tuesday for an "Attitube Adjustment", which is a  long tube filled with strawberry daiquiri. We had a great view of our ship at night with all the lights shining on the water.


Paradise Beach

Wess, Paradise Beach Tom, & Sally

Paradise Beach Iceberg

Sally & Wess in Paradise

Wess with Rocky & Gonzo

Paradise Beach

Angele goes parasailing

Rocky & Gonzo

Al takes us for a ride

Pineapple drink at Paradise

Wess & Sally with Paradise parrots

Angele exploring

Al Exploring

Sally at Fat Tuesday's


Victory at night


Wednesday- Another "Fun Day At Sea". Wess entered the slot tournament and I took the country line dance lesson.


Wess at the slot tournament

Sally on Stage

Victory at Sea

Sally, Angele, & Kelly


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