Wess & Sally’s Carnival Cruise
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Saturday was our last Funship day at sea. We went to the debarkation talk, since it was our first cruise. We watched the Hairy Chest contest and put a few bucks in the slot machines. We basically made the rounds one last time and then got all our things packed so we could enjoy dinner and our last evening. The waitstaff entertained us during dessert by dancing and singing.




 After debarkation, we took a tour because our flight was not until 6 pm. We saw Fort San Cristobal and spent some time in Old San Juan. Then they took us to the Radisson, where we could leave our luggage and have lunch. We walked down to the beach and checked out the pool and casino, then lined up for our bus to the airport.




We got home about 1 am on Sunday and our luggage got home after 11 pm on Monday. All in all, many of the things I have read that could go wrong with a cruise vacation did not happen and we came home tired but happy.