Wess & Sallyís Carnival Cruise
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Our cruise started in San Juan, where we arrived at the airport and were taken to the port on a bus provided for Carnival Cruises. At the terminal, we quickly found our way through the embarkment process, got our Sign & Sail Cards, and began our adventure. We found our room and dropped off the carry-ons, then started to explore the ship.

On the Lido Deck, we got our first Drink of the Day in the souvenir cups and enjoyed the warmth and sunlight.

We met our cabin steward Fitzroy and had all our luggage by dinner time. We had dinner in the Universe dining room and booked a tour on Funvision, went to the muster drill and the sail away party.



When we woke up on Monday, we opened the curtain to the balcony and there was St. Thomas! We went shopping in Havensight Mall, then got some sandwiches from the ship and took a van to Magenís Bay Beach. The driver was like a tour guide and showed us all the historic sites during the wild ride on narrow, winding roads to the beach.

We met some other cruisers at the beach and enjoyed the water, sand, and sun.

After the beach, we headed back to the ship to get ready for the first formal night. At dinner, we met Shannon & Glenn from Colorado and Tonya & Nick from Minnesota. We had dinner with them almost every night and spent some other fun times with them as well. We went to the Palladium and watched the show, then spent a little time in the casino. Back at the room, we got our first towel animal, a swan!


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On Tuesday, we arrived in Dominica, which is mountainous and beautiful. We bought souvenirs in the open air market in Roseau and then hired Michael Honore who owns a taxi to take us on a tour of the rain forest, including a stop at Trafalgar Falls and the Botanical Gardens. Wess & I both thought this was a beautiful island!

Back at the ship, we had dinner and spent some time in the Apollo piano bar singing along with Anton. Glenn & Shannon joined us, and Nick & Tonya stopped in for a while too. Tonightís towel animal was a dog.


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