Baby Backs done 3/1/1
Modified 04/2010


The ribs go on, using my plate setter setup from my " Tips "
page, with a dome temp of 250° or a grid temp of 235°.
In an inverted V rack, or rib rack, which allows you to not
have to flip the ribs. A drip pan with a good amount of
apple juice is placed under the ribs, you can use whatever you prefer.
I prefer applechunks if I use any wood at all. These slabs were cut
in half, I typically use whole slabs and wrap foilover the end 3 or so ribs
to prevent overcooking what would be overhanging the platesetter.


I let them go for 3 hours and stayed steady at 250 dome
temp. After 3 hours they come out of the V rack and get
wrapped in foil with apple juice for the next 45 minutes to
an hour, the longer in the foil the sloppier the ribs get.
Place the foiled ribs right on the main grid indirect.
Here they are before wrapping.

After 45 minutes to an hour in the foil, you CAREFULLY
unwrap them, there will be a lot of HOT grease and juice in the
foil, if you like you can add this back to the drip pan. Then
place the ribs right on the main grid. The purpose of this last phase
is to firm the ribs back up as they will be falling off the bones when
removed from the foil, they should be done in 45 minutes to an hour.
However, time is only a guide, they're done when they're done.


If you sauce you ribs you could either start now or wait another
15 minutes. You want to flip every 15 minutes while saucing. Sauce
will burn if put on to easrly. You want to see the meat pulled back on
the rib bones some, and a good bend to the rack when you pick it up
form the center, about an hour. These ribs were thicker than most I have
gotten, but they came out fine. Let them rest a bit before cutting them up.